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The Solutions Based Provider in Air Quality Management Through Containment Capture Control Equipment, Specialty HVLP Guns, and Accessories

With a cleaner future in mind, Airverter has been pioneering an innovative and highly effective approach to air quality management. With new technology at our fingertips and our creative “no boundaries approach” to the future, solutions will always be our core driving force.

The AirVerter Difference

Our products were developed to dramatically contain and reduce volatile organic compounds at the source.  Our fume capture devices, CAPS and PAPCE, are utilized when applying paints, coatings, corrosion inhibitors, chromate applications, hexavalent chromium, sand blasting, welding, and grinding, while providing the healthiest conditions for the workforce.

Product Innovation

HVLP Spray Paint Guns

HVLP Spray guns is the innovative art of introducing pressurized air into the fluid stream (Atomization) creating fine droplets in order to enhance transfer efficiency to its intended target.


Pollution capture equipment is the solution to: Production, Health & Safety, Environmental, and Safety Problems

PAPCE’s patented modular top design allows you to choose the model that best fits your needs.


CAPS portability is the answer to the challenge of working out of booth when addressing small spot painting and or small repair jobs, a portable workstation.

Where Can Our Technology Take You?

Air Quality Innovation = Producing Results that have never been produced before! 

Exceeds AQMD standards and EPA Method 319 requirements when applying materials, creating environmental compliance / improvement.

Increases Health & Safety for the workers, while reducing preparation and cleanup time, saving valuable man-hours and improving productivity.

Material cost savings due to 92-99% transferability of materials when utilizing AirVerter high performance equipment, with savings of 20-50% in material costs.

Major reduction in time & resources required if having to transfer equipment to a paint booth doing touch up painting or stripe coating; now can be done on the manufacturing line or in a re-utilization location – No More Portable Paint Booth needed!

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