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HVLP Products

HVLP (High Volume/Low Pressure)–
Captures, Contains, Controls

  • Airverter spraying dramatically reduces overspray waste.
    Reduce Paint Mist and Fumes = Less Air Pollutants = Environmental Compliance
  • Airverter achieves a high level of transfer efficiency (paint to a target surface).
    Using less paint = Cost savings
  • Airverter sprays high performance coatings with minimal thinning.
  • Airverter spray guns are designed for long life with minimal maintenance.
  • Airverter can be used with airless spray to coat primary corrosion sites

MF - 3100 HVLP Spray Gun with Flexible Nozzle

Microflex spray gun with flexible nozzle allows you to spray up, over, under and into most any application. Delivers  clean patters 1/4″ to 5 ” widths as well as round dots. Outside diameter 3/4″ for ready access to tight applications. TE by SCAQMD measured at 92% efficient- quick pay back.

Available in stock 6-in., 12-in., 18-in., and other custom lengths

NSN 49-01-457-3497 – 6-in.
NSN-4940-01-457-3482 – 12in.
NSN 4901-01-457-3451 – 18in.

Transfer efficiency is an almost unbelievable 95%. Overspray is virtually eliminated. Flexible tip sprays at any angle. Available fan head patterns. Available as an attachment to the Detach III Spray Gun.

US Patented

User Manual | Parts Diagram

SN- 3100 HVLP MacroFlex Spray Gun

Rotating Precision Head Spray Gun. Our heavy- duty Snozzle HVLP Gun delivers quality finishes in the most hard to reach places. Deep recesses and areas between pipes are no match for the MacroFlex.

NSN 4940-01-480-4184 – 12 in.
NSN 4940-01-480-4189 – 18 in.
NSN 4901-01-480-4189 – 24 in.

  • Reach behind ribs, frames, sills
  • Put coating where you want them
  • Interchangeable spray heads for a wide variety of applications

US Patented

User Manual | Parts Diagram

DT- 3000 HVLP Detach Spray Gun

AirVerter’s HVLP Detach Spray Gun was developed after years of research and extensive user surveys of high production painters. The detach guns fluid body completely detaches from the handle for the easiest cleaning and maintenance. The fluid body is drop forged with all long-life stainless components.

NSN 4940-01-457-1936

  • Reach behind ribs, frames, sills
  • Put coating where you want them
  • Interchangeable spray heads for a wide variety of applications

US Patented

User Manual | Parts Diagram

GG - 100 HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun

Jaguar HVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun. A high quality, professional grade HVLP gravity spray gun that is perfect for automotive applications. Excellent for base coat and clear coat applications, this gun knocks down orange peel and has superb flake control for color matching. This fine finish gravity gun is like no other.

NSN 4940-01-481-0571

  • Fast application speed
  • Lightweight- only 17.6 oz.
  • Widest selection of spray nozzles
  • Built- in air adjustment valve for precise atomization control
  • High- strength forged aluminum bodies
  • Stainless steel fluid passages
  • Self adjusting needle and air valve seals

US Patented

User Manual

CT - 100 HVLP Mini Spray Gun with Cup

Stencil Pro Spray Gun with Cup. The AirVerter Stencil Pro is the perfect sprayer for small jobs. Use for detailing, spotting, blending, stenciling, touch-up or matching. It’s powerful enough for the professional painters yet easy to use for hobbyist. Never use Aerosol cans again!

NSN 4940-01-439-7460

  • Use with copressors as small as 3/4 H.P
  • Perfect for small jobs, sprays as little as a 1/2 oz. of paint
  • Weighs only 10 ounces
  • Replaces aerosol cans
  • Ergonomic for perfet finger- tip control
  • Sprays everything- stains, adhesives, urethane’s, latex,lacquers – any water or solvent based coating

US Patented

User Manual | Parts Diagram

MFG - 3100 Gravity Micro-Flex Spray Gun

Attachment to widely accepted and highly maneuverable flexible spray head. A method and devices added to: CONTAIN-EVACUATE-FILTER & EXHAUST BREATHABLE AIR.

This patented tool delivers the capability to be used anywhere, time, or with any substance. This flexible spray head provides 92% transferability and efficiency.

Available in stock 6-in., 12-in., 18-in., and other custom lengths

US Patented

User Manual | Parts Diagram

SS - 100 HVLP SharpShooter Spray Gun

SharpShooter Spray Gun is the tool to use for all your fine detail work. Rivet heads, striping and small stencil work – the Sharpshooter handles them all.

Its patented overspray collection system assures you of maintaining a safe workplace environment while achieving a sharp professional finish. For use with either CAPS or PAPCE for overspray/fume collection.

US Patented

User Manual | Parts Diagram

PT-100AC HVLP ProTouch Spray Gun with Trigger Air Control

ProTouch Spray Gun with Trigger Air Control, Complete w/ 8 oz. Cup. AirVerter’s ProTouch Detail Gun is a palm-sized HVLP spray tool for all coatings. Reduce VOC emissions and painting costs by up to 50% by using a small gun for trim and touch-up work. Over pressurizing –its atomizing area-causes excess psi to blow back through the Inductors intake ports-governing pressure intake.

The ProTouch is perfect for compressors as small as 1-1/2 H.P. Now with air control inductor assembly.

NSN 4940-01-467-7160

  • EPA Compliant at any compressor pressure
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Excellent for high-production trim work
  • Standard with an 8 oz. cup
  • For compressors as small as 1-1/2 H.P.

US Patented

User Manual | Parts Diagram

UG-45V HVLP Spray Gun Cleaner

Automatic HVLP Spray Gun Cleaner. Aiverter supplies, accessories, and discontinued spray finishing equipment replacement parts. Now you can increase personal safety and keep the workplace free of hazardous waste with AirVerter’s new automatic spray gun cleaner. The UG-45V cleans two spray guns and cups in less than 60 seconds while keeping solvent usage to a minimum.

NSN 4940-01-467-7169

  • Minimizes hands-on cleaning and keeps the working environment safe
  • Saves up to 90% of solvent cost when compared to conventional methods
  • Spray nozzle and jets designed for high efficiency swirl-action gun cleaning
  • Stainless steel tank and brass solvent distribution system for optimum durability
  • Built-in cleaning cycle timer controls
  • Pressure hose cleaning capability and air rinse, standard. Cleans hoses up to 50 feet
  • Fire and safety hazard baffle and work screen
  • Automatic lid control switch
  • Automatic shut off
  • Automatic fume extraction system rapidly evacuates chemical and solvent fumes from cleaning tank
    28 in. W x 17 in. D x 42 in. H – 80 lbs.
  • Requires 75 psi line pressure

US Patented

User Manual | Parts Diagram

How Our Technology Helps You.

At AirVerter, we have combined our high performance HVLP spray guns, fluid, and air flow principle along with atmospheric air to create a synergistic affect that give us the ability to control, contains, and capture hazardous fugitive air pollutants when spraying, out of booth.

High Volume, Low Pressure (HVLP) spray gun technology is only the beginning in protecting the environment from hazardous overspray. AirVerter has taken the approach of not reinventing the wheel but optimizing HVLP performance and air quality management.

Our Microflex and Macroflex has a 92%-95% transfer ability and allows you to maintain a correct anatomical position when spraying up, over and round hard to reach area, significantly extending one’s bodily fatigue level and lowers the chances of injuries associated with repetitive spraying to those hard-to-reach areas.

Our SharpShooter is designed to do exactly that… sharp shoot with precision to its intended targets such as bolts, rivet heads, welding seams, and fine detail work areas where critical coating is needed.

Our spray guns, PAPCE, CAPS ll capture equipment, with attachments, collectively complement one another and bring added value to your environmental challenges. When combined, no air quality control company, nor other spray gun company, can provide a 95 – 98% reduction in volatile organic compounds when applying paints, coatings, corrosion inhibitors, hexavalent chromium, chromate application, welding, grinding or sand blasting.

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